Maintenace of a system (cartoon)The coverage horizon for typical use cases and assumptions has not been finally set yetand there are still some steps ahead in the development process. Nevertheless, we think we are on a good and promising track. A flexible library architecture has been drafted, graphics and content have been defined, some ideas for interesting application scenarios have been born and real industrial evaluation project for and with key technology companies could be performed. The “time-and-money-saving-potential” became apparent, even by using a prototypical version of the SmartRAMS-library, focusing only on the aspect of availability. Some results have even been presented at the PHM-E conference 2012.

So while the development of this library is going on, in an open-minded attitude we thought to start sharing some ideas also via this website. We would like to discuss the approach in the blog, starting from the initial post. We appreciate your feedback, especially we welcome you to tell us, what your biggest pains are currently, e.g in the risk assessment process.

At this time we are using a multidirectional simulation and reasoning tool as the “working horse” and development platform to build and simulate the application scenarios. A special feature to model behavioral alternatives – like item failures – and a Modelica-like modeling-language allows us to create the model fragments.

Finally again we would like to invite you to register on our mailing list in the field in the sidebar above (clearly a “no-spam”-list). Feel free to let us know what you think of this idea and what your typical challenges in RAMST-analyses are.